How To Clean A Stainless Steel Refrigerator

A wonderful centerpiece to your modern kitchen is a stainless-steel refrigerator. It gleams and shines, brightening up the atmosphere of the entire room. The downside? Cleaning and maintaining this like-new finish can take some work and specific cleaning tools and products.

You ought to avoid products that will harm the finish, so no chlorine bleach or products with chloride, no oven cleaners, absolutely no steel wool or brushes, no abrasive pads, no abrasive cleaners, no cleaning the surface unless it’s cool to the touch, and no using hard water.

Consult Owner’s Manual

First, read your owner’s manual for your specific brand and follow the cleaning instructions. Some newer stainless steel refrigerators are coated with a finish at the factory and need to be cleaned with special care. Sub Zero refrigerators in particular have very specific care instructions within the owner’s manual. If you need a copy, contact us.

A Gentle Clean

how to clean a stainless steel refrigeratorIf there are no specific instructions, then we suggest wiping down your stainless-steel refrigerator’s exterior with a damp soapy washcloth. Then rinse it with clean water. You’ll want to make sure to wipe in the direction of the grain starting from the top of your refrigerator and working your way down to the bottom.

For any tough stains, you’ll want to use a mild detergent and some hot water. Always make sure to rinse the stainless-steel surface of the refrigerator clean though.

Polish Your Stainless Steel Refrigerator

There are aftermarket stainless steel polishes, lemon oils, and silicone-based sprays that will maintain a brilliant showroom-floor finish. Some of the more popular and recommended brands are 3M professional grade, Bar Keeper’s Friend, Cerama Bryte, Sprayway, and Weiman. You should be able to purchase these online or at your local grocery or cleaning supply store.

Apply any polishes, oils, or sprays in the direction of the grain with a new lint-free cloth, and afterwards, buff and dry it with yet another new lint-free cloth.

Of course, the rule of thumb when trying any new cleaner or polish is to apply it first on a part of the refrigerator that is hidden from view to test the results.

Keep It Looking Like New

You should be cleaning your stainless steel refrigerator on a regular basis, even if it’s just wiping it down with a warm wash cloth as mentioned above. Regularly cleaning will help to keep your refrigerator looking like new for a long time.

If your refrigerator needs more than just a good cleaning, give us a call for expert Sub Zero repair in Fort Lauderdale or any of the surrounding areas in South Florida.